A Boat

Your toes to my bow, a knee
to your aft, my fingers inside a strap of
your camisole, your arms vining
and rubbing
and the movement of my right shoulder

I untie from my God and every god story-- Come the wind
and the wake and the rain

Sap fattens and ovals our lips, blind
petals of a previous crossing
They are tart; they are wet
They are plum; they are asps

Look, the water is tarnished. It is the first generation
of leaves dying

Down in our belly
we are happy. We twine in the delicious
deciduous mess of our

A Boat [#42]
© 2000 Fammerée

* * * * *

Richard Fammerée

* * * * *

“A Boat” appears in Lessons of Water & Thirst,
a book of poems by Richard Fammerée.

* * * * *

Photograph by the artist

* * * * *

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