Green Man (A Song)

If we were one God, we would feed each other
everything; and everything would eat us,
and we would never die.

My tongues would serpent in your temple
where water becomes blood;
and the pink imprint of our lips would be
a talisman above the bed.
We would not need
to protect our skin from light; we would not need
to protect our skin from skin;
and nothing red would be unclean
at the mouth of the Tigris.

I know what the dark book teaches, but the garden is within us all.

I am a green man, and I am my messiah now.
I am not embarrassed, I am not alone, I am
not afraid.
I cannot lose anything, for nothing is mine.
And I will never be hungry, for everything is mine.
Where, then, is the throne of heaven.

If we were one God, we would not appease
fathers of don't.
We would kiss the tips of each other,
for lips are the spout of the fountain
and eyes, the light of the fountain.
Nipples are ready to blossom,
and a rose is a mouth of the mother.
I am a finger, and you are a finger.
Our hand is a leaf, our leaf, a wing,
and leaves and wings will cathedral us again.

Green Man [#43]
© 2005 Fammerée

* * * * *

Richard Fammerée

* * * * *

“Green Man” appears on Lessons of Water & Thirst,
a recording of poems and poem songs by Richard Fammerée.

* * * * *

Photograph by Susan Aurinko

* * * * *

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