L’Embarquement pour l’Ile de Cythère

We loved in the cup of a blossom
It was violet, it was Tuesday
petal deaf, petal deep
blue matinal sheer silent shivering

time, hand-sewn as summer, little seams, little scars

the past which always follows the bitter
chocolate, the particular wine

Wednesday, its gilded frame opposing the deep wooden bed, the shroud our bodies

blind scrolls

hundreds of mothers and fathers
before literacy, the touch of a blond beak to the palm, each palm

pressing back, it was this
juice rising and quivering in the wand of beginning and end

Beginning and end always with us

in that cup unitil it dropped its great violet, violent

L’Embarquement pour l’Ile de Cythère [#37]
© 2009 Fammerée

* * * * *

Richard Fammerée

* * * * *

Photograph by Susan Aurinko

* * * * *

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