Imago Undisturbed

Most familiar face, cushioned in folds, blinking
enough to carry upon my breast, gold
clothed, into the dark
regions (she breathes; I imagine that breath
in my mouth), ankle patterned
with fleurs-de-lis, bent as a neck of a swan, one
green leather shoe dangling

The white of her
throat alarmed me: Daphne

Globes of fruit, too round
to touch, more perfect

than sweet (impeding
our first
barefoot pressed
violets, narcissus and frockenberries
to feed us--lantern-long

lips, all in
a honeycomb of dense shadow and intense

Horses hailed us, May-browned
guardians of the green

fallow drawing rings

of fecund

light. We called
to them,
neighing, feigning

Minoan indolence.
She offered a pink

and pearl-contoured
Now, I began to examine
the irregularities

of her face, alarmed
with any
for example:
creases of her forehead
(deeply incised); a venule at the tip
of the nose; a


All my disappointments
settled there--upon her face. As her left

fell, abandoned
to the hollow of a wall, as her

hair flushed my face, I
retreated further, wrapped
twice in the tunic of all my

She proffered sorrel
to my lips until her hand was

empty and pink again, pink again.
Sorrel, help me
to forget.
I knelt

to our fingertips.
Lips bled milk at the slightest


Breathless and blouseless, the barque
of her

carried us.

Familial faces converged,
forming the suggestion
of features,

a green name, a wing, an open

Breast to breast we wed with no other witness
than the story written

forever upon us.

This faint stain is blood from her
lip. I wear it when I walk before
the sky.

I have seen her since--crowned in a pink
and burnished tempera; turn
distractedly, smooth
the paper of a package upon her
lap; sleep,
one hand abandoned, one white hand
touching hair from her cheek

Imago Undisturbed [#24]
© 2009 Fammerée

* * * * *

Richard Fammerée

* * * * *

Photograph by Susan Aurinko

* * * * *

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